My Wierd World

Monday, November 20, 2006


I've been playing an online game for some time now and have developed a character to a moderate level as the above picture shows.

The game is called Gothador and the objective is to gain experience which in turn is used to advance your characters levels and develop it's abilities. Experience can be gained by completting quests and killing creatures.

Now Gothador is just one of many MMORPG (Massivly Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) by Hunted Cow Studios which has thousands of other players with which you can interact by chatting, exchanging, helping and sometimes killing.

Now it's probably not to everyones liking (if you want Xbox 360 style games, get an Xbox 360) but if you like the kind of game where you build your character up and see them change and develop, you'll probably love this. We've probably had over 5 people at work playing, and I myself play every day.

Best of all, its FREE without any time limit restictions and they offer a 14 day trial period as a supporter which gives you access to other Realms (Countries) beyond Gothador.

Just click on the following link and give it a try: